Ground School

With the release of new Transport Canada regulations governing the use of Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems (Drones/UAV’s), 43 Degrees North Enterprises is offering a 3 Day Ground School covering the syllabus published by Transport Canada. This course is designed for those who wish to become a Certified RPAS Pilot – Basic and Advanced and is designed for those who wish to work safely and in adherence with the upcoming regulations governing RPAS (UAV’s / Drones) in the commercial aviation operational environment.


43 Degrees North is listed on the self-declared ground school providers which is recognized as a provider of services meeting or exceeding the syllabus set forth by Transport Canada (TP 15263) and within this declaration is the expectation that at least 20 hours of instruction be provided. 43 Degrees North is also an accredited examiner for Industry Canada to provide the Radio Operators Certificate – Aviation (ROC-A) which allows the certificate holder to legally operate radio systems in the aviation frequency bands. Holding a ROC-A is strongly recommended so as to facilitate communications with any aircraft or air traffic control in the commercial aviation operational environment.


This RPAS ground school is 3 days in duration at a cost of $800 per person (+GST)

Flight Reviews

For those who are continuing on to the RPAS Pilot Certificate – Advanced, all prospective pilots must complete a flight review with an authorized Transport Canada Flight Reviewer. 43 Degrees North has been selected as an authorized organization to conduct these reviews.


After the completion of the ground school, 43 Degrees North will remain on-site to conduct flight reviews. In order to be admitted to the flight review, the candidate shall have successfully completed and passed the Small Remotely Piloted Aircraft (VLOS) – Advanced Operations exam.


The RPAS Pilot Certificate – Advanced flight review is approximately 1 hour in duration at a cost of $150 (+GST)