Aerial Survey

From Ontario to British Columbia, 43 Degrees North has flown it. Providing timely and professional services using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, we deliver on time and on budget. Together with our partner companies, we can also offer aerial photography/LiDAR surveys with a full size certified aircraft for larger areas of interest.

Professional Geo-Referenced survey

The key to a quality professional product is the application of technology and procedure. Correctly put together, you will obtain data that is repeatable and reliable providing the ability to make sound professional decisions.  

Aerial Survey Ground Support

If you lack the resources or timings to send in ground crews for targeting or QA/QC surveys, let 43 Degrees North help. We've established well over 10,000 photo control points coast-to-coast. Whether you need pre-flight targets or post-flight photo ID points established, 43 Degrees North is up to the task. 

Data Processing

Have your data capture covered, but need to process ortho photos, point clouds, digital terrain models, volumes and topographic base maps? 43 Degrees North can assist with quick turn around times. We can provide base data for your plans and reports or final deliverables.  

Aerial Inspection

We can provide frequent high resolution video or photo inspections to document construction progress on a site. Utilize the data for billing, inventory control, real-time safety plans and heavy equipment in situ inspections. Having a stable platform at altitude, you can conduct inspections for damage or wear - especially useful for live assets. We can reach places that are difficult, expensive, dangerous, ‘live’ or even impossible to approach by manned inspection teams

Training & Consulting

43 Degrees North has 20+ of years experience in training, training course development, management and implementation as well as the delivery of direct customer training. We can provide an easy paced and professional environment that is geared towards your current level of understanding, experience and challenges. We've delivered courses from general surveying, GNSS applications & procedures through to UAV ground & flight schools. 

Contract Pilot

If your company is unable to meet your flight needs, contact 43 Degrees North for UAV pilot services. With 6+ years of experience on multiple UAV platforms, a private pilot’s license and soon to be awarded commercial pilot’s license, we can meet all of your needs.  


RPAS Ground School

With the release of new Transport Canada regulations governing the use of Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems (Drones/UAV’s), 43 Degrees North Enterprises offers a 3 Day Ground School covering the syllabus published by Transport Canada. This course is designed for those who wish to become a Certified RPAS Pilot – Basic and Advanced and is designed for those who wish to work safely and in adherence with the upcoming regulations governing RPAS (UAV’s / Drones) in the commercial aviation operational environment.

Transport Canada Compliant

43 Degrees North is listed on the self-declared ground school providers which is recognized as a provider of services meeting or exceeding the syllabus set forth by Transport Canada (TP 15263) and within this declaration is the expectation that at least 20 hours of instruction be provided. 43 Degrees North is also an accredited examiner for Industry Canada to provide the Radio Operators Certificate – Aviation (ROC-A) which allows the certificate holder to legally operate radio systems in the aviation frequency bands. Holding a ROC-A is strongly recommended so as to facilitate communications with any aircraft or air traffic control during RPAS operations.

Transport Canada Ground School

Transport Canada TP15263 - RPAS Pilot Knowledge Requirements


Transport Canada flight review

Upon passing the RPAS Pilot Certificate - Advanced, all potential pilots must pass a flight review where the candidate must demonstrate proficiency in the operation of your drone. Check our training dates page and book your time slot in our store to reserve a space for your review.

Transport Canada Flight Review


Host a Ground School

Are you thinking of holding a ground school exclusive to your company or a ground school at your geographic location? Get a minimum of 5 paying students and get your seat for free!


You provide a boardroom that seats all enrolled students including yourself, is available for 3 consecutive days and has internet access. If you require flight reviews after the course, get a minimum of 5 paying students and get your review for free!

Email 43 Degrees North for details: email